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The philosophy of le’Gent is to create a brand which allows men to become more aware and conscious of themselves and the environment around them.
Our products support a new type of thinking, in which the so called “alpha-man” – a combination of appearance and strength – is normative and he exudes an even more self-conscious and discerning attitude towards life.
It adapts to today’s hectic world, practically, elegantly, and represents a unique style with which he can stand out from the crowd, not only externally, but also internally, in line with him identifying with the idea behind the brand.
The world is waking up to a new era of conscious thinking, in which modern women of our times easily find an identity for themselves, as men do. The intention of le’Gent is to increase the internal and external quality of men, such that, along with an organic and preventive mindset, the focus remains on the preservation of nature and health around him.

The le’Gent product range is constantly expanding, thus it supports fast-paced men of our time who don’t always have enough time; so they need to use the right products to support their nurturing sophisticated appearance.

le’Gent cosmetics are premium cosmetics for a thinking man’s daily face care. The skin is not only renewed, but even wrinkles are reduced. It is an innovative cosmetic product of the 21st century that regenerates, tightens and reduces wrinkles and last but not least it’s so practical!

It is not necessary to pay separately for night and day skin care products, because le’Gent replaces everything he needs for facial skin care, even after shaving or on a daily basis.

Our cosmetic products are free of paraffin, allergens, colourants and paraben, thus supporting a natural and conscious lifestyle.

le’Gent Style is an innovative style which brings a men nearer to his own internal qualities, in which he is able to find self-confidence, thus affecting his external appearance. Additionally, he can then experience striking new perspectives towards the environment and his relationship with his partner. These changes will lead to a new type of MAN, who is an example for society and who is able to take responsibility for his actions.

To whom?

Men who are awakening. They realized that with their thoughts and deeds a change in the world and their world can be managed, inside as well as out. They consider the relationship within the family as important, as the father teaches his son about life, then himself grows a new and knows that he has created value. He has given something, someone to the world; someone who is going to contribute further to the development of the world.

Also, Men who have a need for affordable high-quality products, which can be used on a daily basis. Using le’Gent, they contribute to the care of their appearance, and they also take into consideration the protection of their environment and are conscious about the next generations who will take our planet forward.

Also Men who live in the dynamic world of the 21st century and who want to use practical, pollutant-free and efficient products; with le’Gent, time can be saved and health is preserved, because the hours saved and the health preserved can be turned into life-fulfilment time or time for their loved ones.

For Men who deservedly stand out from the crowd and define their masculinity with their deeds and example setting within society; these Gents represent security, confidential charisma, strength, responsibility and masculine values. Their deeds underpin a society where families are in unity, women thrive on their own femininity and children can live and grow up as children.